S02E01: The one with Bruce Schwack (NetMeds.com)


We had a blast during season one of The Digital Couch and were overwhelmed with your response. After the hit season of the podcast series by ValueFirst, we kick-off our second season with a BANG!

Welcome to The Digital Couch Season II where every week we publish another conversation featuring leading global thinkers from the world of business, management, and marketing. Who all are coming for Season II? Discover and learn more about the people, their stories as we move clockwise, episode by episode!

In the first episode, Shoury Gupta (ValueFirst) begins the season with Bruce Schwack (NetMeds). Our first guest, Bruce Shcwack is the Chief Communication Officer at Netmeds.com who leads a team of world-class thinkers, doers, and disruptors in the industry. Bruce enlightens us with his experiences on creating one of the most disruptive companies in India and his challenges so far.

From the Bathroom to NetMeds

A US guy winds up residing in Chennai and helped create India’s largest e-pharmacy- Netmeds.com . How? Because he had to go to the bathroom! Bruce Schwack takes us to his incredible journey of him being a shoe salesman, then a lifeguard and finally breaking into the telecommunication industry and creating thousands of jobs worldwide. But how was this possible for a person who barely even knew where India was? When Industry leaders sit on The Digital Couch, secrets are bound to spill. Do subscribe to the series if you haven't already so you don’t miss on the interesting conversations every week.

“You throw out an offer, you make an attractive customer.”

When asked about his role as the Chief Communication Officer, Bruce believes he was given the gift of communication, of being interested in talking to people. For Bruce, it’s a constant process of creating trust within the brand as you always try to win customers- every day, every moment in every form of communication. Discover insights into how he creates a sense of curiosity and listening to people that gets the job done on the first episode of the Podcast series.

Could there be any more stamp of approval?

A fantastic rush- that's how Bruce defines the big news of Reliance acquiring majority stakes in NetMeds.com. Reliance is building the biggest retail brand and footprint in the world and for Bruce, there’s no greater stamp of approval than to be a part of it. Find out what makes Mukesh Ambani one of the sharpest technocratic CEOs in the world?

There’s a silver lining!

Moving forward, Bruce Schwack shares his marvelous experience of pandemic lockdown. He believes there’s a silver lining in that too! From recognizing the most valued possession in life, growing vegetable and flower garden on the roof to getting the abs like a 20-year-old at 69, he surely made the most out of it. And we can’t have enough of the person who finally confessed that his DNA is from India!

Catch Bruce Schwack, an avid fitness enthusiast and travel aficionado, sharing his story of how he got inspired from the American movie- Taxi Driver, overcoming the worst floods in 100 years and lockdown, helping the guy who used to drive 6 hours to reach the pharmacy and other enticing tidbits on The Digital Couch.

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