Digital 2021: Adapting to the New Normal

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for both people and society; we have been humbled by the wave of inspiring new ideas developed in response. Are you prepared for a new year full of new growth opportunities?  

“The future looks exciting”

With this backdrop of massive change, cautious optimism and a momentous shift in consumer-producer interactivity, we set out to gather the latest trends and forecast for the annual state of online marketing research study.

We hope the insights from the survey conducted with 200+ TOP CMOs to identify “How India Marketers turned adversity into opportunity” serve as the spark to ignite further growth for your brand.

COVID-19 indeed threw us a curveball (either that or a flighted yorker). It seems Indian marketers have dug in their bat, converted it into a full toss and played a helicopter shot towards the fences. There are lot more twists and turns to this story of how marketers from India took on the COVID-19 challenge and pivoted swiftly.  

It’s interesting! Why wait?  

Let’s walk through the Research Highlights:

India CMOs Outflank the Impact of COVID-19: Octane Research engaged with  250+ of India’s leading Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)  and Leaders—as part of its research study to gain first-hand insights & perspectives on outflanking the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital 2021: Annual Trends and Insights: One of the main themes of the year? Digital access to products/services, and constructive communication within ad messaging is evolving quickly in the digital space—no matter the size of the business.  

Inbox 2021: Email continues to grow in its importance for India marketers. With regards to budgetary decisions, there was less of a setback when compared to other channels. 75% of our email marketing leaders said that they did not reduce their email marketing budgets for the fiscal year even in the face of the Covid19 situation.

There’s more! Get detailed insights through “Digital 2021: Adapting to the New Normal

The research is an aggregation of responses from 250+ professional marketers:

Enrich: A standardized online questionnaire in a survey format was fielded to verified list of marketing professionals through various online channels.

Examine: Survey was closed and statistical evaluation of the collected responses was conducted with equal weightage to each response, maintaining anonymity.

Explain: The data was turned into meaningful information and insights after thorough analysis on emerging trends from the statistics.

Triangulate: The results drawn from the study are represented in an easy to read graphical format without losing details.

As you turn the pages of this research study, we hope you glean insights on an optimistic and resilient story of marketing transformation that 2020-21 truly is.

Ahoy, ValueFirst