Advantage of WhatsApp Business API for Your Business

Advantage of WhatsApp Business API for Your Business

Let's admit it, we all use WhatsApp frequently and enjoy reading texts from friends, family, and businesses.

Over the years, WhatsApp has taken big leaps forward to improve its customer experience with fantastic UI and with features like list view and reply to buttons, it has opened gates for businesses to come more closer to their audiences and become their BFFs.

With an open rate of over 98% and average click-through rate of more than 60 percent, WhatsApp offers tremendous business growth potential.

Not only this, the scale of audience which WhatsApp comes with makes it the game changer and the most well-known and widely used app in the world.

But, what is WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp API was introduced to assist medium-sized and large businesses who wished to use WhatsApp for mass customer communication. With automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots, and interactive messages, businesses can automate communication using the WhatsApp Business API.

In simple words, WhatsApp Business API enables you to design a customised communication channel that best suits their clients' needs.

How WhatsApp Business API helps you scale your business?

The first question that might come to your mind, is it necessary for you to move your business’ marketing and customer support operations on WhatsApp? Certainly!

In the year 2022, if you aren't marketing on WhatsApp, you might as well not be marketing at all!

Here are the benefits for switching to WhatsApp Business:

1. Fostering Conversations
While WhatsApp excels at providing practical customer service like notifications and alerts, its true power resides in its capacity to make it simple for marketers to interact with customers in real-time on a two-way basis. In a world where conversational commerce is quickly taking over, this is essential. Nowadays, customers expect to be able to easily interact with live agents and speak with them in order to find the goods, services, and customer experiences they desire.

Remember that 80% of" regular shoppers" who identify themselves as such will only make purchases from companies that cater to their individual needs; this is another expectation that WhatsApp Business was created to meet. For instance, businesses can tailor the content of messages to each customer based on factors like their name, past purchases, and location, including nation and city. Better yet, since WhatsApp offers accurate information on message delivery and crucial read rates, businesses can assess how effectively their personalisation initiatives are working.

2. Revamping Marketing
WhatsApp provides real options for marketers to engage with prospects, including the use of broadcast messaging in digital marketing campaigns and the Click-to-Chat and Conversation buttons that allow customers to start a chat with a business right away. For example, the most current non-transactional messaging feature allows marketing to contact consumers who have opted in outside of the formal support hours(previously, brands could only message customers in response to their specific queries within a 24-hour window). Non-transactional messages provide a crucial, effective new format to engage, entertain, and excite prospects with as well as strengthen ties with current customers through targeted offers, products, services, and events—if the content is timely and relevant.

3. Showcase your products and services with WhatsApp’s Product Catalog
The WhatsApp’s Product Catalog is a WhatsApp Business tool that allows you to add products into a large collection of products into your business account. Viewing your product catalog in the app is another step and an important tool for promoting the products to your interested and regular customer audience. Customers will be able to log into your WhatsApp business account and see all the products you offer in the catalog.

All your products or services can be added to the catalog. The catalog is a collection or list of everyone. The catalog includes the following information:

  • Products / Services List – Up to 500 products or services can be uploaded.
  • Business Name and Description – The information is taken from your business profile (WhatsApp Business).
    Each product includes the following information:
  • Images – A picture of your product or service is very important. You can add up to 10 photos to the product and you should upload high-quality photos. Each photo is reviewed by WhatsApp to make sure it meets the terms of use.
  • Product or service name – It is worth giving a brief, unique and poignant description.
  • Price – If there is a standard price for the product you can specify this.
  • Description – You can elaborate further on the product to explain to customers what it includes.
  • Link – If you have an e-commerce store, it’s time to attach a direct link to the product on the site.
  • Code – If you have inventory managers and you have a product or service code, this is the place to specify.
From clicks to payments- End to end journeys

4. Create a Powerful Brand Identity
7 out of 10 consumers only purchase from trusted brands!
By developing a Strong Brand Identity with the prestigious WhatsApp Green Tick, the WhatsApp API contributes to building this confidence. The Green Checkmark is an official affirmation from WhatsApp that your Brand is trustworthy. Users will know they are speaking with a reputable brand when ever they see the Green Tick on your WhatsApp profile. Additionally, even to those who haven't added you to their contacts, your contact will show up with the name instead of the number when you have the Green Tick.

Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick with ValueFirst and build a reliable presence!

5. Offer outstanding customer service
67% of customers use brands that offer good pre- and post-sales service. To cope with the scale of conversations, WhatsApp has made its API super flexible so that it can be seamlessly integrated with live chat tools and can build a conversational support ecosystem. With this, it becomes easy for teams to track, act and manage customer conversations and build stronger relationships with the customers.

 To Summarize...
With impressive usage rates across the spectrum, from South Africa (96%) and Brazil (91%) to Spain (88%) and Malaysia (92%), WhatsApp has now cemented its position as the go-to conversational commerce platform for both national and international firms.

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