11 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

From the latest times, WhatsApp Business is expanding its offerings to vivid enterprises and sectors. It has helped tremendously to grow and develop their business and maximize their outreach. As per the latest research and study were done by Statista, it states that there are around 2 billion WhatsApp users around the globe. Out of which, about 2 million enterprises are getting benefits from WhatsApp Business. In conjunction with WhatsApp for Business, enterprises can now interact with consumers in a single platform and perform multiple tasks in one place. There are many exciting and unique features offered by WhatsApp Business to businesses. Check this article to know about its top 11 features that will help any business to scale up.

Top 11 WhatsApp Business Features

  1. Automatic Away Message: Automatic Away Message enables businesses and eCommerce stores to create an away message and schedule it for customers or stakeholders. It is used to organize and send the away message when the company is away or non-working hours. Suppose a consumer or stakeholder comes with a query on your WhatsApp Business account and your business is away. In that case, the sender will receive a message that the company is away for a while or they are opera table during these working hours.
  1. Automatic Greeting Message: Automatic Greeting Message enables businesses and eCommerce stores to create a greeting or welcome message and schedule it for customers or stakeholders. Suppose a consumer or stakeholder comes with a query on your WhatsApp Business for the first time in a day. In that case, they will receive a customized greeting or a welcome message.
  1. Business Profile: WhatsApp Business offers customization and branding functionality for enterprises. They can add their official website, phone number, address, working hours, catalogues, and marketing or branding related documents to their business account.
  1. Catalogues: eCommerce and sales are now more accessible with WhatsApp Business account. Businesses can easily add their product and services catalogues to their WhatsApp Business account. With the help of this functionality, the companies can upload their product catalogues in one go.
  1. Contacts Labels: It is a tedious task for an enterprise to keep a record of critical to low priority chats. Sometimes they tend to skip the vital conversation due to many chat heads. WhatsApp Business enables enterprises to create customized tags for different contacts with the help of contact labels. Accordingly, that they can easily segregate contacts on the basis of priority and tasks.
  1. Facebook Shops Integration: Within a couple of easy steps, eCommerce stores and businesses can easily integrate their Facebook shops via WhatsApp Business.
  1. Interactive Business Message: CTAs and quick replies are two vital features for any chat app or website. It helps businesses to increase consumer engagement on their website. WhatsApp Business allows enterprises to integrate interactive business messages without much ado.
  1. List Messages and Reply Buttons: In the continuation of interactive business messages, WhatsApp Business launched new list messages and reply buttons in 2021.
  1. Message Statistics: It allows enterprises to keep track of statistics messages.
  1. Quick Replies: It enables enterprises to create pre-defined templates for fast replies.
  1. WhatsApp Payments in India: Now, sending money via WhatsApp Business is simple as sending a message. With this functionality, eCommerce can now easily take payments in just one go.

WhatsApp Business is an OTT platform that enables various businesses and sectors such as eCommerce to connect with billions of users every day. This business app is taking this opportunity up to the next level to aid enterprises in reaching and growing in different horizons. Due to its endless possibilities for businesses to reach and engage with its massive consumers, the app has an enormous hit amongst the business sector.

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