P&G x Digital Engagement

Onboarding 3 Million mothers for P&G’s Pampers
P&G x Digital Engagement

P&G is one of the largest and amongst the fastest growing consumer goods companies in India. Established in 1964, P&G India now serves over 650 million consumers across India. Its presence pans across the Beauty & Grooming segment, the Household Care segment as well as the Health & Well Being segment, with trusted brands that are household names across India.


  • To enrol mother/parent in India between the age of 21-40
  • To bring measurable accountability in the sampling activities for provider and consumer for the distributed samples.
  • To upgrade free sampling model into a revenue generation sampling model.
  • To introduce a no cost integrated communication for consumer.
  • To establish an omni-channel communication mechanism between brand & the consumer.
  • To engage with consumer in 9 different languages in 10 Indian states.
  • To enrol rural/urban mothers in govt. hospitals who are still feature phone users (with limited smartphone usage).
  • To help track individual Trial Counsellor performance & attendance remotely in Real Time


Database Acquisition

  • Mother/Parent
  • Pharmacy

Buying Behaviour

  • One time buyer
  • Repeat Buyer
  • Frequent buyer
  • Occasional Buyer


  • Who is the consumer and how much
  • Is she consuming?
  • Who is the provider, how much and to
  • Whom is he distributing?

Acquisition & Retention

  • Engage, Activate and Acquire
  • Reward and Retain
  • Direct Incentive

Consumer Segmentation

  • India 1,2,3
  • Income Based
  • Age & Gender

Emotional Loyalty

  • Educating about baby's health
  • Doctor consultation


"POINT OF MARKET ENTRY" Digital Sampling at government hospitals where P&G can reach new mothers and enrol them for future engagement and affordable up selling. The integrated onmi-channel solution uses voice as primary medium of communication with SMS, WhatsApp & AI chatbot as secondary communication channels.

Step 1: Mother/ Parent enrolment

Step 2: Pharmacy enrolment

Step 3: Coupon Redemption

Step 4: Engagement


100 Million + Missed Calls
Cost-effective: Saves money and resources as users can electronically send the gathered real time field data, to their organization, within seconds after submission.
Eco-Friendly: It is paperless and goes in line with the current 'go green' slogan. It removes bore paperwork from field operative and gives them a powerful mobile productivity tool in its place.
Real-time submissions and consequent actions: Delayed because of conventional reporting system often slows down the whole process. By this system organization get the sales data along with market analysis from sales team on real time.