LG x Mobility

Tracking LG India’s sales and competition efficiently
LG x Mobility

LG Electronics a reputed Korean brand making a strong presence in Indian market with more than 5000+ Dealers and 7000+ Tertiary Sales Team.


LG Electronics was not able to analyse Tertiary Sales of their product happening on Daily basis. They were getting the data after 10-15 days from all the locations. Following were the pain points:

  • To gather sales data from across location on daily basis.
  • To check the productivity of the sales guys.
  • Sales analysis of competitors.
  • Sales target and achievement on real time.
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation.


Tertiary Sales, Competition Sales/Stock Tracking and Analysis is crucial for all Enterprises dealing in Modern Trade, such segment need precise mechanism to assist them with technological support to overcome constraints and yielding great outcome.

ValueFirst has offered a sales force effectiveness solution to LG Electronics which can help them to gather the sales data along with competitor analysis from their Shop Sales Executives (SSE’s) across India. SSE’s can upload their daily sales data and can view their target and also their achievement.


Business processes, ValueFirst has incorporated in LG Electronics are as follows:

  • Attendance with Geo Tagging
  • Daily Sales Update
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Competitor Sales and Stock
  • Target vs. Achievement
  • Daily Target vs. Achievement
  • Display Analysis
  • Model Tracking
  • Message Board
  • Leave Management


Faster & Accurate Data: The data submission is exponentially speeded up by providing drop down options. No need to type the product name, just type the sold quantity of product. Removed data inconsistency issues.
Cost-effective: Saves money and resources as users can electronically send the gathered real time field data, to their organization, within seconds after submission.
Eco-Friendly: It is paperless and goes in line with the current 'go green' slogan. It removes bore paperwork from field operative and gives them a powerful mobile productivity tool in its place.
Real-time submissions and consequent actions: Delayed because of conventional reporting system often slows down the whole process. By this system organization get the sales data along with market analysis from sales team on real time.