Google Verified SMS

Enhance every Conversations with verified SMS from Google. Get sender verification and add business name & logo with Google verified SMS and build trust, prevent spam, stand out ina customers’ SMS inbox, and increase open rate.

Send Google verified bulk text messages with Google’s official partner, ValueFirst.

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A2P Messaging Redefined

Experience the next stage in the A2P, or application-to-person messaging SMS communication and give your consumers an extra layer of security and brand authenticity. Below are few use cases for A2P messaging.

  • Two-factor authentication(2FA). Get notified on changes to a user's account, send verification OTP.
  • Send anti-fraud alerts and suspicious activity alert.
  • Sent real time order confirmations and updates.
  • IoT device alerts and notifications between smart devices, such as AI assistants, and mobile phones.

Enhance and secure the way your customers interactwith you on SMS.
If you’re already using ValueFirst, no technical integration is required.

Safe User Engagement

Verified SMS helps brands build trust among their customers by verifying each text message they send. When a conversation is verified, A badge will appear next to the sender's name indicate whether a sender is verified or not.

Google verified SMS let's brands improve business communication and reduce the risk of fraud in messaging.

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SMS Upgrade by Google

Make messaging even more seamless with richer SMS experiences, increased brand recognition and global reach with one messaging API.

Google verified SMS helps boost brand awareness and engagement, improve open and response rates, and loyalty.

Don’t take our word for it. Get Incredible vSMS.