GiveIndia x Email

GiveIndia achieved 96% average email delivery rate

Give India helps to raise funds and contributions in order to disburse them to credible Indian NGOs. One of the largest online platforms in India for donation and giving, Givelndia was facing challenges to stay in touch with their subscribers and donors. Traditionally this was done through print flyers or postcards.


The biggest challenge facing GiveIndia was how to properly analyse its returns based on factors like region and customer interaction. Using best practices from email team, GiveIndia team figured out how to more effectively segment the target audience so as to facilitate a larger and more frequent donor pool.


The primary objective of their campaign was to:

  • Convert subscribers to donors
  • Convert one time donors to become regular donors


ValueFirst, through their domain expertise, helped Givelndia mitigate multiple technical challenges in their ongoing campaigns. These helped the segmentation process and allowed for more in-depth analysis, and streamlining, of the donor pool. This also led to new developments and innovations within Givelndia's digital infrastructure and operations.


  • Better email deliverability
  • Competing products were cost prohibitive to execute email campaigns towards such a large donor base
  • Ability to sign off emails with DKIM and SPF signatures
  • Ability to diversify email content and thereby send personal emails
  • Ability to schedule emails
  • Ability to track email openings, links clicked, hard bounces/soft bounces as well as the device type and browser used
  • Ability to save data lists
96% Average Delivery Rate
5x Growth in Open Rate
10% Unique Open Rate