Future Bazaar x Email

Increasing FutureBazaar’s marketing promotion ROI
Future Bazaar x Email

FutureBazaar provides an integrated shopping website where consumers are able to purchase products from their flagship stores eZone, Pantaloons and Big Bazaar online. They deliver across more than 1500 cities and towns in India cover 16,000 pin codes.


The challenge has always been to get better ROIs from this medium of communication. FutureBazaar initially faces some issues with email marketing in terms of low open and click through rates, poor scheduling and poor technical responses by ESP representatives.


The primary objective of their campaign was to:

  • Harness the medium of email marketing
  • Introducing relevant offers for target audience
  • Create list segmentation


They wanted to better utilize email marketing to increase engagement with their subscribers, enhance mailing expertise and reduce costs. Subsequently, over many months of successful campaigns, it was observed that due to better scheduling and technical expertise, the open rates for Future Bazaar mailers increased by 25% on an average across the board. This resulted in heightened engagement and gradual increase in ROI.


Over the last few years of collaboration, FutureBazaar has observed that email marketing has consistently provided the best efficiency/ROI across all their elements of their marketing promotion mix.

30% Open Rate
3x ROI on Marketing Efforts