Engagement as a Solution (EaaS)

Identify and Connect with target groups at scale to ensure quality acquisition, continuous engagement and incredible retention

Quick Facts:

0% +

Increase in

0% +

Campaign Redemption

0 - 0%

Trade Engagement on Channels

0 - 0%

Consumer Engagement on Channels

Connect. Activate. Engage. Acquire. Reward. Retain
Increase market share and distribution reach

Target Groups

  • Consumers (Rural, Semi-Urban, Urban)
  • Influencers (Painter, Mechanic, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter)
  • Customers (Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors)

Campaign Design

  • Who gets what
  • Which stage
  • How much
  • Why make an offer
  • Will it work
  • What’s best for next
  • Does it make sense

Campaign Analytics

  • How to reach
  • What time
  • What channel
  • Was it delivered
  • Tracking & ROI
  • Testing
  • Conversion Rate
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