Devans x Mobility

Helping Devan Modern Beverages track sales smartly
Devans x Mobility

Devans Modern Beverages is an Indian brand in Liquor Industry which has strong distribution channel across India.


Dealer Order Management Systems (DOMS) pose several challenges to the way in which an institution is able to leverage them to ensure effective trading. These include challenges such as

  • Ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent and ever changing regulations related to the order management process.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the pre-and post-trade analytics of the DOMS.


Solution gives the complete insight of Sales and Stock data at dealer end. This is helpful in sales and production planning to leverage the beverage industry.


ValueFirst had developed a Order Management application for Devans Modern Beverages (God Father Beer). Using this app Sales Executive can send outlet wise order and display details: Dashboard:

  • Actual/Agreed/Shortfall Volume
  • Outlet Performance
  • Calls Visited Planned/Unplanned) Check – IN at Outlet Location
  • Customer Info
  • Month Wise Volume Agreement
  • Month Wise Sales
  • Agreed vs. Actual At Outlet Location
  • Store Check
  • Order
  • Assets
  • Promotions & Survey Menu:
  • Journey Plan
  • Check Odometer
  • Product Catalogue
  • Today’s Dashboard


Faster & Accurate Data: The data submission is exponentially speeded up by providing drop down options. No need type the product name, just type the sell quantity of product. Removed data inconsistency issues.
Cost-Effective: Saves money and resources as users can electronically send the gathered real time field data, to their organization, within seconds after submission.
Eco-Friendly: It paperless and goes in line with the current 'go green' slogan. It removes bore paperwork from field operative and gives them a powerful mobile productivity tool in its place.
Real-time Submissions and Consequent Actions: Delays because of conventional reporting system often slows down the whole process. By this system organization get the sales data along with market analysis from sales team on real time.