ValueFirst and Weexcel empowered more than 9 lakh farmers to get digitized J forms

Weexcel, a technology house based out of Chandigarh, was working with the Punjab Government to ease out selling process for farmer’s produce so that it could be governed centrally without any manual intervention.  

Our good friends at Weexcel reached out to ValueFirst for a solution. The subject matter experts at ValueFirst worked on the following the problem statements:

  • Creating a digital proof on income (J-forms)for farmers which was earlier holded by commission agents
  • Making an end to end automated process for farmers which could be tracked and regulated by authorities

The solution came out to be a WhatsApp based communication service which could transmit the digitally generated J forms to the concerned farmers in real time. The solution of course had multiple API integrations which were facilitated by ValueFirst.

NOTE: J forms are the sale receipts of the farmer’s produce in the grain markets. These forms were earlier issued by commission agents because in Punjab, it’s the most common model of selling crops.

Speaking on the partnership with ValueFirst, Charanjit from Weexcel said, "With ValueFirst we were able to build a state-of-the-art solution to facilitate farmers to get the receipt of their sold produce through whatsapp mode . Farmers now get notified every time their produce is sold. The solution has truly boosted the agriculture industry impacting more than 900,000 farmers and eradicating manual intervention"

The WhatsApp solution had the following highlights:

  • The solution helped the Punjab Government become first state in the country to roll out J forms in real time.
  • The move is expected to benefit more than 9 lakh farmers in the next procurement season.
  • Since the process is now digital and end-to end automated, the role of commission agents is limited and farmers now get proof of their income.
  • The solution has enabled farmers to track and save their J forms in the digi lockers.

Speaking about the solution, Secretary of Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board, Ravi Bhagat, said that the move will ensure authenticity. The digital J forms will come with a QR code, watermark and a unique number. This is not only a farmer-friendly service, but it will also help their families, the state and the government itself. The move will stop the theft of grains by some arhtiyas. When digitized form J is sent to a farmer’s number, then their family too can know his actual income