A Multi-Channel approach for a cup of tea

Our friends at TATA Tea wanted to increase their overall market share in the southern part of India. The core objective was to develop a digital ecosystem to boost sales, enhance brand salience, and increase repeat customers via code-on-pack.

Kanan Devan Tea was already a well known brand in the region which was being sold traditionally as loose tea for over a century. Post a comprehensive assessment on consumer behaviour and choices, a multi-channel engagement plan was created. One of the highlights of the campaign was the fact that it was multi-lingual with execution in Hindi, English, and Malayalam. SMS, Voice and WhatsApp were predominately used as main channels with tight links to mobile marketing, social media, television, print, and outdoor.

In three months:

  1. 26 Million SMS were sent
  2. 2.5 Million WhatsApp were sent
  3. 750,000 Missed Calls were executed

For the first time, the brand engaged with so many people at scale. TATA Tea saw an increase of 9% in overall sales of Kanan Devan Tea.