Spice Money

Helping Fintech merchants with Conversational AI on WhatsApp

2020, the year of lockdowns, disrupted business operations badly. Businesses had to re-adopt& transform their operations in the digital realms. Spice Money, India’s leading rural fintech player saw this as the opportunity to build a robust yet scalable ecosystem for their adhikaris (merchants) to stay connected with them.

Seeking this as an opportunity, folks at ValueFirst & Spice Money came together& built a solution which could transform their physical contact centers into a self-serve conversational contact center.

The conversational AI solution was designed to address 3 problem statements:

  • Easing out tech adoption for the rural audience
  • Building an all-inclusive conversational ecosystem
  • Building super-customer experience

With these problem statements, there was a need to create an integrated & robust solution which is easily accessible to thousands. Since WhatsApp is now a native Indian tool, it was quite obvious to use it as the conversational channel. The WhatsApp based solution had 2 main components:

  • Immersive power of APIs: Spice money wanted to take some of its customer processes on WhatsApp & provide critical information in real time. To ensure smooth navigation & data management, we integrated multiple APIs at different levels, ensuring smooth conversations for the end consumer.
  • Vernacularism: Since the majority of the audience was from Tier-III or Tier-IV cities of India, it was necessary to add Hindi as an alternate language.We built multi-language flows making interactions easy for consumers.  
Commenting on the partnership, Amit Sharma, Head CLCM, Spice Money said “This partnership came at just the right time, we could manage upsurge of queries at the start of pandemic seamlessly and effectively. Since then, WhatsApp bot has under gone many changes and has helped us build an inclusive ecosystem”