Pathkind Labs

Easing out medical tests on WhatsApp for Pathkind labs

The digital adoption in India has been on the rise. Prior to COVID-19, it was more  enterprises and large organizations who invested actively in the digital realms, but come COVID-19, even the smallest of the businesses had no choice but to get the hang of it.

Not only at the institutional level, but there was a strong pull from the consumers as well for brands to be digitally available. According to Business wire, 80% of the consumers prefer to interact with the healthcare providers over digital channels.

Seeking this as an opportunity, folks at Pathkind labs wanted to build an ecosystem where two of their crucial processes could be digitized/automated:

  • Sharing medical test reports with patients
  • Lead generation

Our friends at Pathkind labs and our teams joined hands to build a hyper customized solution where test reports could be shared with consumers as soon as it was generated and secondly, could generate leads for Pathkind Labs. The following were the challenges which our teams addressed:

  • Accessibility for masses
  • Real time automation

Consultants at ValueFirst ideated a WhatsApp powered chatbot solution which had the following highlights:

  • The WhatsApp API was integrated with Pathkind's report generation systems. As soon as the test report is generated on the system, it is sent to the concerned patient on WhatsApp in real time.
  • Our teams powered their WhatsApp with a super chatbot which could help customers locate the nearest Pathkind lab basis location and could share customer’s details with the sales reps.