The Digital hospital ft Medanta | WhatsApp and Conversational AI

Managing patients & visitors has always been a pain point for hospitals. With the rising threat of COVID-19 two years back, it became even more important for medical facilities to manage patients and perform at an optimal level so that they could serve their patients without failing.

To stay on top of this, Medanta Hospitals wanted to build a robust process for appointment bookings and consumer interactions which would help them manage their patients from the farthest touch point possible. Looking out for a suitable partner for this, Medanta hospitals on boarded ValueFirst with the following problem statements:

  • How to make it easy for patients to converse with Medanta remotely
  • Retrofit within hospital’s existing digital infrastructure

Looking at the problem statements, consultants at ValueFirst proposed a conversational AI solution where patients could simply chat with Medanta on WhatsApp to book their appointments with their preferred doctors and departments. Since WhatsApp is a native conversational tool in India, it became an obvious choice as the communication channel.

The solution had 4 major highlights:

  • The conversational solution powered conversations for more than 1700 patients.
  • There were 6 major touch points which were automated with the solution
  1. Enquiries on COVID-19services
  2. Booking video consultations with pre payments
  3. Scheduling/Rescheduling doctor’s appointments
  4. Ordering from pharmacy
  5. Home sample collections
  6. Chat with hospital representative on WhatsApp
  • The solution was built within the existing digital ecosystem which brought down the OPEX.
  • Our teams evolved the chatbot with cognitive abilities periodically to hyper personalize the conversational experience.