GATI- An Indian logistics hero, overturned customer experience standards using WhatsApp & Surbo

Ever imagined, talking to a logistics company could be easier than talking to your friend?

Well, it is! Let me introduce GATI’s Genie. Genieis a virtual assistant designed & developed by our folks at ValueFirst. She is intelligent, empathetic & makes courier shipments a cake walk for GATI’s customers. “Genie helps our customers with instantaneous reactions without getting them to wait. - CMO GATI. Genie simply needs your pickup & delivery addresses along with some standard details & your courier booking is done!

Exciting? Well, if it excites you, it's just the tip of the iceberg of what Genie does for its customers.

Know GATI? they’re pretty big!

Incorporated in 1989, GATI is one of the largest logistics companies in the Indian subcontinent. They offer services like  surface and air express logistics, ware housing and supply chain, air freight and e-commerce services.

Since its inception, GATI is known to bring technology into their processes & overturn them into profitable, agile& fail proof ones. In 2001, GATI launched Vehicle Tracking System, a centralized computer system to manage people, packages and vehicles in realtime. That time, it was ahead of the market & helped GATI create unparalleled customer experiences.

This time, GATI saw that a lot of their customer communication is happening on certain data points and it's taking a lot of bandwidth from their resources plus the customers are not experiencing  what they usually do with GATI.

Feels like a human on the other side - KC - GATI

Genie is a new-gen chatbot which is programmed to be empathetic & builds its own intelligence with powerful integrations.When customers connect with Genie, they ask questions like - are your service available in my pin code, do you deliver in that pin code or what is the status of my docket? To be on top of these questions, Genie is integrated within the GATI backend systems using which she responds to customer queries without failing. She also escalates if any customer enquiries are not updated &needs immediate attention.

But hey…how do customers reach Genie?

Good point! GATI wanted to make Genie accessible to all of its customers which is obviously a huge number. And since the target segment is very wide, there couldn’t be a better channel than WhatsApp! ValueFirst being an official partner for facebook is approved to process WhatsApp Business APIs for our clients. We applied for it & got it within a week. Fortunately enough, GATI matched WhatsApp’s criterion for OBA, so they received a green tick as well.

Boosting Customer Engagement with Personalization

Limiting the manual effort was the agenda for GATI when they reached out to ValueFirst for a solution. Well, with our solution, GATI reduced 50% of its general enquiries. Customers were able to self-serve their enquiries, check deliveries, docket statuses & even if they had a complaint, they had Genie to take it & get it resolved.

With Genie, GATI was able to elevate its customer engagement & create meaningful experiences for their customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Keshav Chaitanya, functional lead at GATI said, "We would like to thank ValueFirst for developing Surbo bot to help us enhance our overall customer experience. The tool has enabled us to bridge the gap between our customers and customer service team, by making it simple and convenient for them to connect and collaborate. Right from the start of the project, through to its completion, ValueFirst has been a great partner in terms of support, availability, and access to an excellent team of programmers and developers. We wish them a great future ahead!"