Engaging on authentic, meaningful conversations with consumers is the key to success and growth.
98% of mobile users have interacted with a chatbot in 2020.
85% customer conversations will be handled by chatbots in 2021.
37% of humans cannot identify if they are talking to a chatbot.

The New Normal

Quick Response = Meaningful Chats​


Conversational Commerce is an exciting new model of buying that sits at the sweet spot between offline and online retail.

Contact Center

ML-trained chatbot helps in answering 80%of the queries. Automatically transfer the rest 20% to live agents.


Conversational Marketing to help you handhold consumers and convert passive visitors in to interested ones.
Smart Conversation across Channels

"Customer response rate has crossed the double digit mark for the first time after the introduction of Surbo".

Head of Marketing,
JIVA Ayurveda
Easy to use, anytime, anywhere
Time-saving and effective
Reliable and documented
Real-time and fun


Surbo is a AI driven platform to scale enterprise efforts to take on conversational commerce, conversational contact centre and conversational marketing.

Surbo is powered by trained chatbots, machine learning and smart analytics. Leading brands across the globe work with Surbo to automate their day-to-day conversations.

With Surbo, you can create chatbots for your app, website, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Messenger, Slack, and other OTT platforms.


Botsup empowers you to create and launch your own chatbots within minutes.

You need ZERO coding skills to see your chatbot live in action and create seamless UI experiences to capture leads, book appointments, and collect feedback.

With Botsup, you can create chatbots for your website and WhatsApp.