Seamless Conversations on WhatsApp

See how Shadowfax implemented an interactive bidding process on the comfort and reach of WhatsApp.

Shadowfax is India's most trusted integrated 3PL service provider. Leaders in last-mile logistics for B2B. The most prominent Indian brands in food, e-commerce, grocery and healthcare rely on Shadowfax for on-demand deliveries.​

More than 15,000+ delivery partners work with Shadowfax’s multi-modal platform, driving bikes, minivans, trucks, airlines and even electric vehicles. The network is capable of delivering instantly within and across 300 cities.​


- Challenge was to bring the complete bidding process under a single platform.

- Shadowfax used SMS & Email to notify and collect bid details from vehicle/fleet owners & providers.

- The whole process was difficult to manage and pick the lowest or the best bidder.​


- Using WhatsApp and chatbot to communicate the upcoming bids​

- Send and collect bid details from fleet owners via mix of WhatsApp & chatbot​

- Closing & awarding the contract to best bidders over WhatsApp​

- Introducing referral programs over WhatsApp​

Campaign Solutions

- A collaborated solution that includes the simplicity of WhatsApp, AI & ML of a chatbot and real time support over WhatsApp via live chat agents.

- A solution that can increase bidder engagement, help new bidders onboard via referrals & decrease bidder drop-off significantly while simplifying the whole bidding process for Shadowfax.​

WhatsApp based Chatbot for Shadowfax

Shadowfax has observed 4x participation of bidders via direct & referral programs with a 50% reduction in the turnaround time, right from bid release to closure.