Angel One saw 10x growth in leads with Octane Email

Angel One is an Indian Stockbroker firm established in 1987

Angel One is an Indian Stockbroker firm established in 1987. The company is a member of the Bombay & the National Stock Exchange. They have a network of about 8500 sub brokers & franchise outlets in almost 900 Indian cities.

Backed by World Bank, is one of the largest independent full service retail broking houses in India. It is considered as a home to the independent database on the web covering the Indian online brokerage industry. sits over 5 million registered clients & 11000+ authorized persons.


  • Holistic Customer Engagement
  • Top of Mind Recall
  • New Business Opportunities


  • Personalization in Email Strategy
  • Scalable Customer Engagement
  • Reliable Deliverability

The ValueFirst Solution:

The pandemic had speeded up new investors entering the stock market. We worked closely with the team to take this opportunity head on. Our approach was two-fold:

1. Content

We promoted new investment opportunities & stock market know-hows in a more meaningful way.

2. Deliverability

With our in-house delivery experts, practical CTAs, and segmented audience, we created multiple campaigns to conduct ABXY testing.

The Email Strategy

  • We created hyper personalized mailers with personalized name, subject line & email content.
  • We launched 25 unique campaigns all backed by success measuring algorithms.
  • Our teams ensured high IP reputation with a 45 day IP warm up exercise.
  • We performed Day on Day testing to ensure the inbox placement and creative rendering
  • Our experts did weekly reviews with the team at Angel Broking to suggest innovative solutions to optimize their campaigns.
  • Our advanced bounce management & email validation extensions ensured a cleaner list of subscribers. Our support engineers constantly monitored blacklist and IP to keep delivering emails.


  • 2.5 Million+ Emails successfully delivered
  • lead Generation scaled 200x within 2 months
  • Above 90% Inbox placement
  • 10% increase in average open rates

What Angel One has to Say About Us

Working with the Value First team was a true display of great teamwork and commitment. With the help of the Value First team, we were able to streamline our email communication. Onboarding Value First helped us to increase our delivery rate by 99% on all our promotional campaigns along with a 10x increase in lead flow within 3 months

- AngelOne