How ValueFirst’s Email Solution helped Aegon Life Insurance Company automate its Email delivery process!

Aegon Life Insurance is a life insurance company based out of Mumbai, India, offering individual and group insurance.

It’s one of India’s renowned Insurance brands & has been awarded multiple recognitions including eBusiness Leader – Medium & Small by World BFSI Congress & Indian Insurance Awards.

Business Goals

  • Consolidating XML data + Content & Attachments at scale
  • Automating the process which included manual efforts from 2 different business teams
  • To create a positive impact on Customer Experience


  • Expensive Email Deliveries
  • Expensive process of physical letter dispatch to customers
  • Creating multi conditional workflows at scale
  • Manual workaround for Email and physical letter delivery

The ValueFirst Solution:

Aegon life was looking for a solution that can automatically consolidate policy data & update customers with their policy details on email. The solution helped them structure & synthesize XML data, dynamic email templates & pdf attachments in real-time.

1. Multiconditional Workflows

Our teams created multi conditional workflows from a single XML data source.

2. Custom Logics in every Sub-workflow

We created customized logic in each sub-workflow to determine the compilation basis customer behavior & category.

3. 15+ email modules with hyper-personalization in real-time

There were 15 email modules with multiple template variations that were auto-synced in the flow.

4. Smart PDF Compilation

Our teams created a phenomenon wherein 4 PDFs were merged and converted into a single Policy document in real-time. With the same phenomenon, 5 PDF were generated & served as the renewal receipts.

5. Secure Deliveries

We empowered server to server data transfer, without any 3rd party data center intervention
The consolidated pdfs were digitally signed & password-protected, ensuring security compliances.


  • Eliminated manual efforts
  • Cost reduction
  • Fail-safe mechanism (Alerts & Delivery Analytics)
  • Enhanced Customer satisfaction scores

Customer Testimonial

ValueFirst offers very enhanced & customer-centric solutions. The onboarding & development happened without any delay, thanks to the very mature customer services team. We look forward to doing more business with ValueFirst!

- Aegon Life Insurance Company