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Founded in 2003, ValueFirst is one of the top CPaaS players around. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, ValueFirst has offices across India, the Middle East, and Indonesia. ValueFirst connects businesses with consumers over telecom (SMS & Voice) and internet (Chatbots, Email & OTT) channels.

ValueFirst is driven by ~500 free-spirited people and serves a diversified customer base. Leading companies that rely on ValueFirst include Google, IndiGo, TATA Motors, P&G, InfoEdge, and Axis Bank.

We're a Twilio company.

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This team is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the infrastructure behind ValueFirst services. They keep an eagle eye on availability and performance of our services. The team is available 24/7 to provide 2nd level technical support and resolution to problems and enquiries that customers report. They have an in-depth understanding of the products live on production servers. They work closely with engineering team to resolve all escalated cases from customer experience team to ensure clients have the best experience possible.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Deployment, Maintenance and Optimization of VF-services
  2. Tracking and maintenance of VF-Services QOS, Backups and Uptimes
  3. Work on tickets and provide resolution with SLA
  4. Manage timelines, product releases, and  track bugs with engineering team
  5. Interaction with client in some case for  online testing to debug issue
  6. Monitor and troubleshoot issues of Linux, MySQL, SMPP related issues
  7. Write and maintain custom scripts to increase system efficiency and lower the human intervention time on any tasks
  8. Proactively ensure the highest levels of systems, Services and infrastructure availability
  9. Oversee the preparation of environments for the testing/UAT of software releases, participate in the planning,  scheduling and execution of said releases
  10. Conduct sessions on new releases and KT with internal teams
  11. Daily tracking of work
  12. Creating FAQ’s and Service Documents for documentation purpose
  13. Assisting the various Technical Platform Teams with tasks that require optimization/modifications to the current infrastructure


Minimum qualifications:

  1. B. Tech/B.E/BSc computer science
  2. Experience in troubleshooting, deployment ofSMPP Module, Jboss, bind type, data coding, character type setting
  3. Experience in Linux (RHEL/CentOS), Shell/PHPScripting
  4. Working knowledge of MySQL queries, optimization& Administration
  5. Troubleshooting knowledge in MySQL
  6. Hands on experience on tcpdump/wireshark capturing & analysis
  7. Willingnes sto adopt a work-to-finish attitude
  8. Hands-on experience on configuration/management/automation tools, such as Ansible, Monitoring tool(e.g. site24x7), OTRS, JIRA

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Strong technology and analytical skills
  2. Should have basic knowledge in Network like IP address,Netmask, gateway, DNS, Network Route  
  3. Excellent organization, communication, and documentation skills          
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