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About ValueFirst
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Founded in 2003, ValueFirst is one of the top CPaaS players around. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, ValueFirst has offices across India, the Middle East, and Indonesia. ValueFirst connects businesses with consumers over telecom (SMS & Voice) and internet (Chatbots, Email & OTT) channels.

ValueFirst is driven by ~500 free-spirited people and serves a diversified customer base. Leading companies that rely on ValueFirst include Google, IndiGo, TATA Motors, P&G, InfoEdge, and Axis Bank.

We're a Twilio company.

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Primary Skills Required:

  1. MySQL 5.6 or higher Certified Database Administrator,RHCE (Linux ES 7, Centos 7)
  2. Installation, configuration & upgradation of MySql
  3. Advanced MySQL setup, replication, clustering, tuning, optimization& security
  4. bash/php Scripting

Secondary Skills Required:

  1. Mongo, SqlServer working knowledge

Other Attributes:

  1. Ready to work in Shifts. Availability 24x7, if required
  2. Ready to relocate, if required

Brief Job Description:

  1. Understanding MySQL Architecture
  2. Installing and upgrading MySQL
  3. Using INFORMATION_SCHEMA database for accessing metadata
  4. Performing start and end operations of MySQL
  5. Evaluating character sets and data types for performance-related concerns
  6. Understanding the effective way of MySQL installation
  7. Using triggers for management tasks
  8. Understanding views
  9. query optimization
  10. Performing backup and recovery activities
  11. Understanding data locking concepts in MySQL
  12. Describing tuning techniques related to introductory performance
    Advanced MySQL setup
  13. Setting up replication, Clustering and security
  14. Protecting MySQL databases
  15. Performance Tuning, Large environment database optimization
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