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Why you need IVR now, more than ever!

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Technology is at its prime and there are trends shaping up which might come across as anti-intuitive in the first glance. One might think, since when did dehumanization of a business become an effective business strategy? What happened to the good old personal touch?

If this is your exact thought stream right now, you’re in for a surprise!
Did you know that customers are expected to manage 85% of the relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020? – Gartner Report 2011. With an ever increasing self-service trend, voice automation comes as a great solution for your business.

What is IVR?

All of us are familiar with the standard voice recordings, menu options and struggle to quickly bypass the whole labyrinth to get the information, which prompts us to make a call in the first place.
How it came to this and what your business can possibly gain from it?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and at the most elemental level, it tries to automate interactions which are bound to take place over a call. Originally IVR was mainly used to route calls, which resulted in cost saving for the business but came with a long wait time for customers, earning it a bad name. But don’t be too quick to judge, IVR changed slowly & stealthily as it grew sick of its boring avatar.
Did you meet IVR 2.0? It’s fun!

IVR can do a lot more!

IVR can also provide smart solutions by integrating with database & CRM systems and allows you to automate a host of processes. Now we have cloud based IVR software with powerful features pushing it into the category of being “Software as a Service” or more accurately “Communication Platform as a Service”.

Boost up engagement

One of the efficient voice platform available in the market is provided by ValueFirst. It is a scalable platform for automated inbound & outbound voice dialing and supports Click-To-Call Integration, Call Latching and Missed-Call feature.

Increase outreach

You can increase your business footprint by sending important & time-sensitive call alerts, updates and notifications to a larger set of audience.

Know what works best for you

Easy yet comprehensive analytics on voice platforms lets you analyze real time data, so you can reinvest your time in planning the marketing strategy and keep the magic going.

Try IVR!

So now that you have the download of amazing things IVR can do for your business. Reach out to us on marketing@vfirst.com to deploy ValueFirst’s pay per use cloud based voice solution instantly.