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Eyeing smarter customer outreach

Driving Digital Dividends in Retail

We would not be wrong in saying that retail is one of the most digitally progressive industries in India today. It relies closely on the understanding of consumer purchase behavior to stay relevant. To be ahead in the curve, retail marketers need to be aware of the most recent digital innovations along with developing experiential wisdom of the technologies that have continued to be leveraged in the past.

Brand conversations are moving towards becoming more responsive to the ever-changing customer preferences. Channels like email offer personalization and agility, changing content on real time basis taking into account the location and information pertaining to users. Our consumers now want to be heard and responded to within minutes. AI based technologies are disrupting the way marketers cater to evolving consumer asks. Such progressive technologies make sure that retail brands are powered to stay connected with their customers always, and to assist them in their buying journeys in real time.

To understand the developing undercurrents in modern day ecosystem, we at Octane Research have conducted a research on the state of digital consumer outreach in Retail. This comprehensive retail marketing research report aims to facilitate a higher consumer understanding based on inputs of successful retail practices shared by over 350+ CXO level marketers across India. This one of a kind resource can help you device strategies grounded in relevant statistics and recommendations as a means to achieve your marketing goals in this hyper competitive space.

Along with online retail marketing insights and analysis of channels such as SMS, Email, Social, Content, AI & Bots, Cross Channel, Voice and Search, some of the questions covered in the report are mentioned here:

  • What are the top marketing initiatives undertaken by retail marketers in India?
  • How does content marketing help retailers achieve their marketing goals?
  • Which new technologies do India retail marketers plan to invest in the coming future?
  • Which digital channels deliver the best ROI for retail?
  • How are AI & Chatbots helping retail marketers in India?
  • What are the challenges that are being faced by retail marketers in the Indian context?

After a thorough analysis of inputs shared by India marketers, a recurring theme throughout the synthesis was observed to be the growing impact of being perceived as relevant. Hyper-personalization of marketing initiatives help us go a long way in connecting with our customers and engage with them. A strategic approach taking into account the complete buying cycle of customers can help organizations meet their goals.

Retail often faces many challenges in the Indian marketing context but it is important to understand that retail is a people business, which skews towards commoditization many times. In what is clearly the ‘age of the customer’, progressive organizations need to have a laser focus on cultivating business attributes stemming from empathy towards their customers.

Commenting on this digital India retail marketing research initiative, Subhranshu Neogi, Director: Group Marketing & Brand, Religare said, “Digital and mobile internet specifically have revolutionized how we Indians lead our lives and run our businesses to solve genuine customer problems. Forward-looking enablers such as Octane have been on the forefront as proactive catalysts to not just create a vibrant ecosystem, but also to energize all relevant stakeholders within this community”

At ValueFirst, we help brands cultivate digital ‘value’ through intelligent conversations across channels. As part of this study of the Indian marketing ecosystem we have tried to deliver insights to help you understand trends and best practices in the digital marketing space. To read more about our latest retail marketing research report and trends 2018, and request a free copy please click here: utm link for landing page. For more information on the latest retail marketing research report and trends write to us at marketing@vfirst.com.