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5 Pitfalls in SMS Marketing That Need Your Attention

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the most widespread communication channel across demographics for business engagement and ROI generation. Despite being a traditional telecom channel, it has given marketing a new approach to meet the targets and set the edges of market standards. It has the ability to convey business, promotional, transactional and personal messages to the user base directly.

Can SMS be used to make brand recall?

SMS has endless benefits in modern marketing. In today’s world where users have limited patience, SMS is the one way to directly approach to them, making the brand visible. It also enables businesses to target wisely by sending relevant content related to news, updates, promotions, alerts, hacks and more. Despite there are multiple mobile applications used these days, SMS still stands tall in the world of marketing.

In recent research, it is observed 93% of the people still open and read text messages. SMS has by far the maximum penetration and reliability for business communication and almost all the industry verticals opt for SMS for marketing activities. While setting the brand communication, marketers often do multiple mistakes.
Avoid the following errors in order to create an effective outbound marketing campaign, which allows the customers to opt-in to your brand communication & drive engagements:

Sending Unsolicited Text Messages

Nobody likes to have promotional messages without having opt-in permission. It adversely affects the brand image.
It’s really important to make sure that your messages get delivered to the opt-in customers who want to see your messages.


Get permission from the customers for receiving such promotional messages by using opt-in-form

Thinking Engagement is a Number Game

Marketers know that SMS drives good engagement and hence, they end up sending multiple SMS to the same user in a day.

On the other hand, some marketers may be so engrossed in shooting SMS that they may often forget to take time and analyze the delivery reports and sharpen the campaigns. Nobody likes to be flooded with messages. Even if your messages reach your target, it may not ensure your marketing goal is being achieved.


Every marketer should think of improving the SMS campaigns based on delivery reports and user response. Sharpen campaigns by taking into account the users demography and relevance.

Using an Unclear Call to Action

Many Marketers face an issue with SMS as they fail to capitalize the businesses with SMS Marketing, because of empathizing more on devices, not on the recipients.
Most of the times they forget to use CTA. A call-to-action pushes the customers to take an action and complete a business goal, from visiting a landing page, filling up a form to reverting on the SMS.


Include a Powerful, clear and single call-to-action, which drives action for the brand communication.

Inappropriate Timing & Invalid Number:

Sending messages to invalid or unverified numbers late at nights would be a big reason for SMS failure and deliverability score reduction. Making the content more promotional and offering the SMS to the users on a frequent basis leads to the blocking of numbers & disruption in the business ROI generation.


Grow your sending contact list organically & use a reliable SMS API equipped with phone number and always look-up to ensure the deliverability of SMS to the end-users on time.

Sending Long & Spam Messages:

To drive business engagements, marketers tend to send long text messages to the users, which get bounced or even truncated during the delivery and deforms the meaning of the intended messages.

The messages should be concise, short and within the character limit which can be quickly read & understood from the phone’s lock screen.


Be clear, concise & personalized with your messages.


Although SMS Marketing is simple, it is tricky. While there are no formulations and set rules for SMS Marketing, you can optimize and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by avoiding these mistakes.
By planning successful SMS campaigns, you’ll be able to produce high commitment rates, gain an edge over your competitors and also build a strong relationship with your clients and customers.

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