Fallack to Authenticate

One-Time Passwords are critical. Period.

We came up with a product called VeriSure to ensure delivery of OTPs and other critical notifications up to 100%.

How did we do it? We created fallback mechanisms on each channel. Such messages can be tried multiple times with a fallback in place: SMS --> Voice --> Email --> WhatsApp.

The best thing? Its all automated.

Robust Authentication

For upgraded account security, Twilio Authy and Twilio Verify make it simply to add user verification to any web-based application.

The codes can be sent via SMS, Voice, Email, Push to future proof your business.

Soft Tokens
Channel Fallback
App + APIs
Smart Analytics

Video & Voice APIs

Our Video/Voice APIs can be integrated on chatbots natively or sent directly as links via SMS, Email, etc.

Multi & Cross Tool
Clear & No Lag
Record & Train
Built on WebRTC