AI Driven Marketing Automation Platform which helps identify and analyze customers behaviours and automate interactions
More Customer Retention
More Business Revenue Growth
Increased Customer Engagement
Reduction in Cost Centers

The power of Marketing Automation - Augmento

  • Create customized experiences for your customers across multiple marketing channels, run tests to know which works best for your audience.
  • Integrate Email, SMS, Voice and Chatbot. Capture, nurture, manage & track leads in real time.
  • Integrate all your data sources (online as well as offline in a single platform for a unified view of your customer) to get higher ROI results in real time.

“With Augmento, we were truly able to grow by business by targeting the right customers by segmenting our audience and speaking to them on the platform of their choice. Our customers enjoy better conversations with Augmento.”

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Unify user data that your collect across website, mobile apps, API, Offline data and Channel-based events.


Leverage the intelligence of Automation Studio, User/Channel Analytics, Funnels and Multi-Variate testing.


Use wide range of channels to communicate with and understand your user including SMS, Voice and Chatbots.
augmento marketing automation

Segment your users with all-in-one tool

Longer Customer Lifetime Value

Give yourself and your customer time and tools to understand each other and build the intelligence.

Optimized Marketing Budgets

Invest more where the ROI is better and let automated processes take over your spends.