Arvato AG x Email

Helping Arvato deliver 5x growth in open rates
Arvato AG x Email

A wholly owned subsidiary of Arvato AG and a service arm of Bertelsmann AG, Arvato India services both international and domestic customers. Arvato started its operations in India in 2003, with its presence in the IT hubs at Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bengaluru.


Arvato India wanted a better way to target and track campaign communications on subscriber emails for its clients. Arvato wanted a platform which is user friendly, easy to use yet power packed in terms of dashboards and enterprise class in terms of security and stability.


The primary objective of the campaign was to:

  • To build a better way to target and track campaigns
  • Make a secure and scalable platform


Arvato India selected ValueFirst as its trusted email service provider. ValueFirst's Octane's easy-to-use interface helps team Arvato to deliver effective integrated campaigns. The Enhanced Data Security [EDS] helped the Arvato to manage email marketing campaigns, data and infrastructure to take measures against unauthorized intrusion or usage Latest Campaign Features like Maker-Checker, Behavioural Campaigning and Advanced Scheduling.


Arvato has been able to deploy best practices workflow and the power of advanced email campaign infrastructure on the Octane Platform.

10% Open Rate
5x Growth in Open Rate
3% Click Through Rate