Get the Best Out of Voice.

Connect with your customers at scale using OBD, IBD, Missed Call, Customized IVRs along with VMN (virtual mobile number) and Toll-Free numbers.

Improve your customer service and save cost

Cut costs whilst improving customer service by keeping your brand responsive 24*7. Use integrated Voice solutions to transcend beyond live chats.

Voice is an integral part of a CRM outreach and it continues to grow and align with digital channels. ValueCallz, a comprehensive Voice Broadcasting Platform consists of a cloud based Voice suite which processes and broadcasts Voice messages even in complex database environments.

Get real time analytics

Ensure a round the clock CRM outreach without investing into the manpower to do so. Improve tracking, measurability and real-time visibility through our scalable cloud based Voice solution.



Ensure prominent opt-in process at the right customer touch points.
Any of the following methods can be used for the process:


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Custom IVR Flow

Regulatory Compliance

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