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Connect with your customers at scale using OBD, IBD, Missed Call, Customized IVRs along with VMN (virtual mobile number) and Toll-Free numbers.

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Inbound IVR

Optimize call center experience by receiving & responding to multiple customer calls concurrently with interactive voice responses.

Outbound IVR

Generate sales opportunities by sending promotional broadcasts and important announcements to masses with brand initiated interactive voice responses.

Missed Call Service

Take customer consent on a designated number with a customer initiated call which automatically gets disconnected after a couple of rings.

Text to Speech

Secure customer transactions by enabling dual verification using TTS that converts textual or numeric inputs into automated voice responses.


Reduce TAT for query resolution or convert hot leads into business using call latching feature that instantly connects a support agent with the customers at the click of a single button.

Outbound Dialing

Establish consistent engagement with your customer by sending automated personalized key messages periodically.

Improve your customer service and save cost

Cut costs whilst improving customer service by keeping your brand responsive 24*7. Use integrated Voice solutions to transcend beyond live chats.

Voice is an integral part of a CRM outreach and it continues to grow and align with digital channels. ValueCallz, a comprehensive Voice Broadcasting Platform consists of a cloud based Voice suite which processes and broadcasts Voice messages even in complex database environments.

Get real time analytics

Ensure a round the clock CRM outreach without investing into the manpower to do so. Improve tracking, measurability and real-time visibility through our scalable cloud based Voice solution.



Ensure prominent opt-in process at the right customer touch points.
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