Google verified SMS

Send Google verified bulk text messages with Google’s official partner, ValueFirst. Engage users efficiently and win their trust

With Google Messages application, Android users will experience
the power of Google verified SMS with the application

Increased Brand Loyalty

Brand profile will have more than a six-digit identifier delivering a true branded experience to users.

Increased Trust

The verified badge on the brand’s name will prevent spamming, phishing attacks and scams.

A2P SMS Communication Redefined

Enhance and secure the way your customers interact with you on SMS. If you’re already using ValueFirst, no technical integration is required.

Brand Name & Logo

Let your consumers remember you with more than a SMS code. Now you can showcase your logo and brand name to the world.

Brand Description

Describe your brand in a line or two and add a true element of modern branding.

Verified by Google

With the verified badge, your consumers can be 100% confident that you have sent them a message.

Link Previews

Your consumers can now see the link previews to catch their attention and also increase the conversation rates.


Trust + Awareness

Enhance your consumer’s experience on SMS for these use-cases

Secure & Important SMS (PIN, OTP, Warnings etc)

Order Confirmation, Reminder & Delivery

Non-Spamming Messaging

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