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Marketing Automation 101: Your guide to Cross Channel Marketing

Marketing Automation 101: Your guide to Cross Channel Marketing

The technology landscape of our times is forever transforming. The proliferation of smart phones and Internet in the last decade has changed the way consumers shop; interact with each other, form opinions and much more. The biggest impact of this has been perhaps on the marketers who are constantly struggling to integrate new technological advances in their marketing strategy.

The consumers of today are hyper-connected and hyper-involved with their gadgets. They are constantly consuming information from a variety of sources and forming opinions on them almost instantly. Reaching out to consumers through traditional means only is not entirely sufficient anymore. Modern Marketers needed to cover all possible channels of communication if they are to prevent themselves from drowning in the noise. Hence, a new marketing concept was incepted – cross-channel marketing.

Cross channel marketing or is basically a practice that integrates the use of all available channels and devices to connect and engage with customers. This is done in a unique and flexible way and not separated into individual channels like other marketing strategies.

There are special platforms that are built for the purpose of automating cross channel marketing called Cross Channel Marketing Automation Platforms. They help businesses provide a cohesive and unified voice to their brand. Using these platforms, brands can recognize their audiences, understand their needs and then deliver personalized messages to them.

With a number of companies already integrating digital marketing strategies, there is a drift towards the adoption of cross channel marketing approach among marketers which is further backed by the following facts:

Cross-channel and cross-device marketing is important with 40% of marketers believing their media investments should be spread across channels rather than a single channel focused marketing.

73% of marketers rate the impact of crosses channel interactions on conversion as ‘major’, with more than half of respondents also saying that integrated engagement across channels has a major impact on improving retention (58%) and on ensuring advocacy (55%)

Infinito:the best last mile service provider among cross channel platforms

Needless to say cross channel marketing is an effective approach. However, merely adopting one automation tool is not enough. What is needed is a consistent and successful ‘last mile delivery’ which ensures that your voice is heard at the right time to the right people.

There are multiple cross channel marketing automation platforms out there in the market. However, few are able to truly ensure an efficient ‘last mile delivery’. Infinito prides itself for being a leader in this space with the best in-house last mile delivery services in the market.

Most of the cross channel marketing automation platforms rely on third party organizations for the communication gateways – bulk emails, missed call services etc. unlike Infinito, a ValueFirst product, which makes use of in-house services for achieving the last mile excellence. ValueFirst, with nearly 2 decades of expertise and excellence in digital communications and its own bulk sms delivery solution – SendSmart, own email delivery platform – Octane and its own IVR platform- ValueCallz, ensures significantly better performance in last mile delivery which is the maximum impact ground for any and every marketing campaign being run.

Cross Channel Marketing is the future of marketing. Brands cannot rely on just one channel alone to engage their audience. They need to integrate all the major channels in their campaigns effectively and also maintain consistency in brand messaging at the same time. And this is the ripe time for businesses, brands & modern day marketers to make use of such tools. To get more information on cross-channel marketing or Infinito, write to us at

Published on: 25 January, 2018



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