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5 Point Test for Selecting a Cross Channel Marketing Tool

5 Point Test for Selecting a Cross Channel Marketing Tool

The need to deliver contextual conversations across multiple communication platforms is the key reason brands today are actively looking for Cross Channel Marketing solutions. The idea is to implement a cross channel marketing strategy which promises them greater dividends by reaching out to customers at the right time with the right message. Given the promise of this approach, a lot of platforms have sprung up that aim to provide an easy way of automating cross channel campaigns & deliver emails, SMSs, IVR calls & push notifications effectively to consumers. However, not all platforms clear the bench marks required.

We suggest, run the 5 point test while selecting a CCM service provider for your business.

1) Last Mile Delivery Strength

One of the primary requirement for a Cross Channel Marketing provider to fulfill their promise is to have an efficient and reliable last mile delivery mechanism. Once the campaign flows have been set, the content uploaded to the platform, lists managed – the actual strength lies in how successfully are the emails, SMSs, push notifications and IVR calls being delivered. It is thus important to select a Cross Channel Marketing provider that has a proven track record in this domain.

2) Set-up & Kick-off Time

The time it takes to set up & kick off the solution from the provider should be as less as possible. While plug and play is not exactly possible in most cases, there are cases when time is of essence and a brand cannot wait for set-up or kick-off to delay their actions making this a critical measure of effectiveness.

3) 24×7 Available Support Team

In order to run a Cross Channel Marketing Platform, there is a dedicated support team required failing which the clients can find themselves left alone when trying to figure out how to best implement the solution. Once the solution is deployed, there are many intricate issues that may come to light, which need to be dealt with in time in order to avoid any impact of the performance of the marketing campaigns. Thus it really helps to have a dedicated support team.

4) Ease of Use

It is a responsibility on the part of the Cross Channel Marketing service provider to ensure that their platform has an intuitive & easy to use user interface using which clients can quickly create and run multi-channel marketing campaigns. Even if there are tons of features in a product, if the user interface is not optimized properly, the clients will have a hard time using it resulting in an extremely high drop off rate.

5 Point Test for Selecting a Cross Channel Marketing Tool
5) Strength of the Organization

In the end, the organization behind the Cross Channel marketing platform needs to have a robust infrastructure, strong leadership, a team of technical experts and a history of delivering consistent performance to ensure that the clients find themselves secure and in the right hands.

Currently, there are several top-notch cross channel marketing service providers in the country which have earned the trust of customers. Let’s have a look at some of them:

WebEngage – Web communication & Engagement solution provider that enables cross-channel communication, deep data driven segmentation & personalization. Clients include Snapdeal, Lynda, ebay & others.

CleverTap – A marketing automation platform that combines app analytics & user engagement to keep track of metrics like app uninstallation, areas where users drop off & much more. It also combines push notifications, emails, in-app notifications, SMS & web-push notifications. Clients include BookMyShow, Zomato, DC Comics & others.

Netcore Smartech – An omni-channel marketing automation solution that delivers 1:1 customer experiences & helps run personalized customer engagement campaigns. Clients include some players in the BFSI Sector.

Infinito – The intelligent cross channel marketing platform that integrates SMS, Voice, Email & Push Notifications that lets you create, manage and track marketing campaigns across channels. An in-house product of ValueFirst Digital Media which is a pioneer in serving enterprises for all their communication needs, with over 5000 customers.

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Published on: 9 February, 2018



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