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The story of SMS


In the past few years, we have witnessed a remarkable progression of SMS journey. Today, enterprises are making extensive use of SMS marketing for promotions, enhancing brand reputation, lead generation & a lot more.

Let us take you down the memory lane by revisiting travel diary of SMS in a nutshell.

It all started with Christmas..

Did you know, that the first SMS read “Merry Christmas” was sent from a PC more than three decades ago? Who knew such humble beginning would result in an evolution that will transform the conversation space ranging from personal communication to targeted marketing. SMS grew from geek talk to universal staple.

Go Shortly

SMS stands for Short Message Service where “Short” refers to 160 characters in Latin alphabet of permissible exchange between two devices. A length that was deemed “perfectly sufficient” by Friedhelm Hillebrand, the father of SMS.

Thank you Vodafone!

But it wasn’t until 1992 that the first text message was sent across UK by Neil Papworth to his friend using Vodafone’s network. Imagine if that SMS had failed, how would your life be without text messaging? “Boring” is the word you’re probably looking for.

And the best country in the world award goes to…

It wasn’t until 1999 when internetwork SMS became feasible as Finland became the first country to allow text exchanges on a competitive and a commercial platform.

SMS gave businesses “Conversation”

Shortly after progressive businesses saw a huge opportunity for mobile engagement, short codes were conceptualized, expanding the playground for SMS in enterprise universe.

Eureka! A new language is born!

Lo and behold, the new millennium arrived; SMS was now not a luxury but a necessity! Highly popular amongst teenagers, text messages could now be exchanged without restriction of place or time, rendering it responsible for the destruction of classical language with abbreviations and lingos flooding the conversation space.

SMS > Calls

2007 was landmark year when SMS exchange surpassed the number of calls in America. Subsequently, “Texting” officially made it to the dictionary in 2010.

Hello Smartness!

Today SMS is the most widely used data application worldwide. Modern day SMS lets us do a lot more – they help us receive alerts, pay bills, exchange documents, authenticate transactions & more.

SMS + Marketing = A match made in heaven
Sms MarketingThe ease of use and familiarity is what contributes to the high usage rate of text messaging, making it a sorcerer’s stone for any marketer to increase outreach. SMS is now engaging people like never before, presenting a plethora of opportunities to businesses who aim to get a grip on their customer base.
It is super easy to drive engagement through bulk marketing alerts or gather instant feedback on services. SMS has evolved from personalized messaging service to a conversational medium capable of doing wonders for a business.

ValueFirst has helped businesses increase their customer outreach, global footprint and engagement via efficient SMS solutions for over 1500+ Businesses now. To know how ValueFirst can contribute to your business using SMS, reach out to us at

Published on: 8 June, 2017



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